Maximum readability in passenger information displays in public transport

Contributing to maximum readability in urban, public transportation

Custom coloured and fire rated polycarbonate cover glass for urban transportation are currently sold in large orders.

Kilometres of cover glass for PIDs

Kilometres of passenger information display cover glass for transportation – this is what is keeping us busy at the moment.

Urban transportation is blooming, and at PSC A/S we can feel the effect of the increased demand. For our part, it is a question of supplying the right cover glass with maximum readability and durability that best fit the demands of displays in modern transportation.

As trains and busses has very strict regulation to uphold when it comes to fire behaviour and smoke toxicity, even in displays on the outside, we supply polycarbonate cover glass. Our F2000 polycarbonate has a high fire a smoke toxicity rating and can thus uphold the strictest requirements.

At the same time, polycarbonate is light weight compared to glass and this, in turn, can be a contributing factor to CO2 reduction.

Besides being able to custom cut the cover glass, we can supply custom tinted polycarbonate. This means that you can have the cover glass in the shape and colour that you require and allows you to have complete design freedom.