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EMI shielding cover glass

Maximum EMI shielding is necessary in many applications, herunder defence and military. With the right EMI shielding glass, this can be obtained.

Obtaining maximum EMI shielding

EMI shielding in devices with displays is achievable with an EMI shielding cover glass. EMI shielding is often necessary in for example defence and military devices.

There are different ways of obtaining EMI shielding in connection with a cover glass. At PSC A/S, we offer two different ways of shielding.

We cast our own acrylic and we have made an EMI-shielding version with mesh embedded in the acrylic. This way, you avoid lamination issues.

For optimised glare reduction and surface hardness, we recommend a surface coat such as Fine MatTM or Hard MatTM.

Another option is flying mesh behind an existing cover glass. This enables you to choose the cover glass of your choice, and it is optimal in for example retrofits.

No matter which solution you choose, you are ensured maximum EMI shielding in your display.