Rønvig Dental

Dental injection unit from Rønvig

Since 2013, we have manufactured and supplied Rønvig Dental’s CALAJECT™ unit with its polycarbonate cover glass solution. We are proud to supply this solution since the device has won the Dental Advisor’s Top Award for 2022 thanks to its premium quality build and user experience.


firemen at work with firetruck

We supplied Rosenbauer with a customized polycarbonate cover glass with a Hard Mat™ surface treatment to give it the impact resistance and reflection control needed for such a high-quality unit.


Deif product

In marine and offshore environments, maximum readability from various angles and adequate durability are important considerations to survive the harsh offshore environment.


Ascom was looking for a scratch- and impact-resistant solution for a durable handheld communication device – the Ascom d81.