Survision was looking for a reliable manufacturer of cover glass solutions for their ANPR cameras.


Sartorius was looking for a reliable supplier that understands the requirements of its customers and could solve the task of manufacturing and delivering a customized near-infrared filter.


NIMMSTA barcode scanner

NIMMSTA needed a display cover glass solution for the barcode scanner on their freehand Industrial Smart Watch that was both cheaper and more durable than glass.



High image quality is crucial for the optimal performance of biometric capture devices. The optics must be able to accurately read facial features, even in suboptimal lighting conditions.

Eureca Messtechnik

Optical filters for Eureca Messtechnik

The right cover glass in a camera or optical measurement system ensures proper performance. Therefore, Eureca Messtechnik consulted us when they needed a cover glass for their modification process.


di-soric optical censor

Through a long-term partnership, we supply di-soric with various cover glass solutions for their projects.


Cognex Dataman Device

The customized PMMA solution with VIS_NIR anti-reflective coating ensures maximum performance for Cognex’s specific application.


Balluff Lightcensor

Always striving for quality, Balluff contacted us when they needed a NIR filter for their SmartLight Indicator.


High-end recognition technology requires a high-end cover glass solution.