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PSC A/S is investing in the future
Internship to help improve PSC PPAP quality system
Welcome to two new Area Sales Managers
Welcome To Ulrick and Alexandre - our two new Area Sales Managers
Summer greetings from PSC A/S
We wish you a nice summer!
Contributing to maximum readability in urban, public transportation
Kilometres of impact resistance and maximum readability - that is the PSC cover glass for PIDs
EMI shielding cover glass
Obtaining maximum EMI shielding with the right EMI shielding cover glass
In search of optical grade infrared transparent PMMA?
PSC A/S becomes A-supplier 2020 at Simpex Electronic Ltd.
Black panel cover glass design feature
Black panel is a desired design feature. Here is how to achieve it
Design Edge for cover glass with visible edges
Design Edge - our design feature for electronic devices with visible cover glass edges
Guide: How to remove protective film from cover glass
It can be difficult to remove protective film. Here is a video guide on how to easily remove it from cover glass
Cost optimisation with adhesive
Pre-mounted adhesive on cover glass will not only save you money, it will also save you time
PSC forms strategic partnership with French Steliau Technology
Strategic partnership with Steliau Technology
Preventing spread of infection through cleaning of cover glass
Frequent and thorough cleaning of touch screens is important. Here are our recommendations.
Machine vision extension and update
For machine vision VIS and RGB cameras combined with a need for time of flight or NIR performance, PSC has developed two new AR coated acrylic solutions.
5 important areas to consider when investing in a cover glass
A cover glass is an important component in an electric device, as it may be the one thing that completes a design or the opposite. There are 5 areas to consider when investing in the right solution.
Maximum recognition performance in ALPR systems
ALPR cameras can only achieve maximum recognition performance if they have the best filter window fitted that reduce optical interference, enhance the signal and have the required durability.
Customer service
It’s crucial for us to understand our customers’ needs - to be able to offer them the very best personal service!
New supply agreement
New supply agreement strengthens future co-operation between Panel Graphic Ltd. and PSC A/S
PSC A/S certified in accordance with latest ISO 9001 update
New ISO requirements challenge the process approach and risk-based thinking in companies. PSC A/S is ahead.