Quality has top priority

Quality has top priority in every aspect at PSC A/S, both with regards to the quality of the products leaving the factory, and internally in the company through processes and responding to customer demands. The company is also ISO-certified according to ISO 9001. This requires that the processes are described to ensure a uniform standard of quality, which in turn is experienced by the customers.

Customer satisfaction above average

A recently completed customer satisfaction survey shows the greatest satisfaction ever among the customers. Especially response time and product quality scored top marks. It is also noted in the survey that the work the company has been doing in relation to handling complaints has paid off, and the lowest number of complaints ever has been recorded throughout the last year. In order to maintain the great results achieved, the continued handling of complaints and lean optimization will be some of the main focus areas in 2018 at PSC A/S.

Newly employed Quality Manager

Maintaining the high quality requires an effort, and at PSC A/S this effort has been accommodated by the employment of a Quality Manager, whose primary focus will be to ensure that quality continues to receive top priority in the company. Up till now, quality management has been in safe hands with Kim Olesen. Kim Olesen will continue to focus on purchasing and logistics.

In the position as Quality Manager, PSC A/S has employed Jonas Glerup, who besides quality also will manage production engineering. Jonas Glerup comes from a position at Hosta Industries A/S where his primary focus was on quality and improvements together with project management of the maturing of new products and new production equipment. He is therefore qualified to lift the position as Quality and Production Engineering Manager at PSC A/S. 

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