Increase in customer satisfaction

Quality is great at PSC A/S shows a customer satisfaction survey just completed. The temperature has been taken on several parameters, including product quality, price, response and delivery time, and product portfolio, and the picture shows an increase in all areas compared to previously completed customer satisfaction surveys. 

Generally satisfied

On a scale from 1-5, with 5 being very satisfactory, eight out of nine parameters score more than 4. Only on price the score is below 4, and only with 0.2 points. However, the lower score has been taken into account at PSC A/S as the company is known for acrylic display windows of high quality and hence a higher price, which is in line with the strategy and focus of the company.

The top scorers are all related to response time sharply followed by product quality. The same parameters are important to the customers when it comes to choosing products and not least supplier. 

Always in focus

Customer satisfaction is part of the quality effort at PSC A/S, being an ISO 9001-certified company, and the completed survey helps to firmly establish the company’s commitment to uniform quality and consideration for customer demands. Quality is always in focus at PSC A/S. To ensure continued top priority of quality, PSC A/S has employed a quality responsible to carry out quality management.

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