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Preventing spread of infection through cleaning of cover glass

Cleaning is a part of everyday life and especially in a pandemic world. Especially touch screens are in need of heavy cleaning to avoid spread of infection.

Cleaning of cover glass

Contactless and touch free is fast becoming buzz words in a world changed by new corona virus. But some applications cannot become contactless, such as touch screens. So what can touch screens owners and manufacturers do to prevent spread of infection? Frequent and thorough cleaning of the display and hence the display cover glass, and information about the right cleaning agents to obtain thorough cleaning without damaging the cover glass.

Touch screens may be placed in many environments with different requirements to performance, durability, and compliance to regulations. This in turn defines the choice of cover glass material, coating and processing.

With a polymer display cover glass, such as acrylic or polycarbonate, it is necessary to consider the coating. With this said, PSC coatings have an excellent compatibility and robustness to heavy cleaning and extensive use of cleaning agents and disinfectants. As long as the cabinet can withstand the cleaning agent, so can the PSC cover glass.