Clear optical grade cast acrylic

Solaris™ Clear

Properties of Solaris™ Clear

The Solaris™ Clear (S000) is an optical grade cast acrylic material recognised for its outstanding optical and mechanical properties.

It forms the ideal base material for display window solutions where optical performance, high light transmission, low weight, thickness uniformity and easy machining are of the essence.

All Solaris S grades contains UV-absorbing material, blocking efficiently up to approx. 400 nm. 

Solaris™ LS - Adding Design "Coolness"

In a Solaris™ Clear we can integrate a light guiding material. This filter we call Solaris™ LS. It gives a unique bluish tint, adding elegance to design solutions, without sacrificing transmittance.

Solaris™ DS - Light Diffusion Control

The Solaris™ DS contains no pigments which can hinder light transmission, achieving the ideal diffusion of light.This makes it perfect for small angle scattering.  Solaris™ DS is  based on the Solaris™ Clear but the special light diffusion properties occur by mixing raw materials with different refractive indices. 

We produce Solaris™ DS filters in three grades. They diffuse in white light but can be tinted in other colours.
Filter Total light
transmittance %

Light transmittance directly
through filter %

Diffusion %
DS 416 67.2 3.5 94.8
DS 424 57.0 1.8 96.8
DS 432 55.8 1.6 97.0

Surface treatment

Applying the right surface treatment is vital to achieve the optimum display window solution. Scratch resistance, non-glare, chemical resistance, anti-fingerprint etc. are all features that can be applied to Solaris™. Click here to read more about our surface treatments.

Technical Data

  • 92 % light transmittance.
  • Standard thickness from 0.5 to 4.0 mm.
  • Tolerances down to +/- 0.1 mm.
  • UV block up to 400 nm.


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