Easy-Mount™ | Easy mounting and assembly of your cover glass | PSC


For easy and cost-efficient mounting and assembly.

What is Easy-Mount™?

Easy-Mount™ is an option you can choose when ordering one of our color filters.

Instead of cutting the filters individually, we pre-cut the filters into strips. Protective film is applied after the cutting process and can therefore easily be removed.

For easy handling at the assembly line, PSC Easy-Mount™ filters can be supplied with double-sided adhesive tape, which makes the filters ready to mount directly onto the display.

The Easy-Mount™ concept reduces time spent removing the protective film, applying adhesive tape, and mounting our filters.

When PSC filters are delivered with Easy-Mount™, our customers save valuable production time, which improves cost-efficiency. The concept is perfect for large assembly lines, i.e., consumer electronic production lines.

These innovative solutions are integral to PSC's "sheet-to-part" concept thinking.

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