Mesh Properties

The shielding mesh used in Solaris-Shield™ and Combi-Shield™ products can be supplied as separate mesh, for example for integration in laminated windows or membrane switch panels. 

Normally copper or stainless steel is used depending on the application and the requirements for attenuation. 

Using a PSC proprietary process, the mesh is blackened in order to minimise reflections and at the same time increase the contrast from the display. Blackening does not alter the shielding characteristics of the mesh. 

The mesh is supplied from stock either in fixed dimensions according to specifications or as whole sheets.

Mounting and Pre-assembly

In large size and/or odd shape applications it is often beneficial to mount an EMI-shielding mesh to the rear side of the cover. An example of such an application type is passenger information signage inside trains. 

PSC has developed a full range of assembly skills which enable us to mount the mesh directly on to the material using e.g. gluing, spot-welding, continuous welding or contour welding (e.g. around holes) techniques.

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