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Glacier™ AR Sun Shade

AR coated safety laminate with balanced solar heat protection and unmatched visual performance.

Glacier™ Sun Shade

Information displays placed outdoor are exposed to high levels of near infrared light (NIR) from the sun. The near infrared light heats up the display, which can cause malfunctions and significantly reduce the life time.

Glacier™ AR Sun Shade is a laminated glass solution in which a virtually clear PVB film containing nano-sized near infrared (NIR) absorbing particles is integrated. As a result, a significant fraction of the solar heat is blocked before it can reach the display, eliminating overheating issues. The unique sub shade solar heat absorbing interlayer film shows clarity and transmittance in the visual range on par with that of Glacier™ AR SAFE.

The Glacier™ AR Sun Shade laminated glass solution is typically used in large format digital signage and passenger information display applications.


Glacier™ AR Sun Shade laminates can be printed, thermally tempered, and mechanically processed to fit all design requirements.

Key feature

The laminated glass solution with an interlayer PVB film is excellent for significantly blocking the solar heat.

Technical Data
NIR rejection up to 70 %
VIS transmission up to 97 %
Base materials: Glacier AR, other materials upon request
UV protection up to 99 %
Thicknesses from 6.78 mm
Maximum dimensions: 1590 x 3150 mm

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