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Glacier™ AR

Glacier™ AR is our anti-reflective coated, low-iron glass solution.

It is the ideal solution for large format display applications requiring maximum light transmission and readability under all ambient light conditions.


The base material of Glacier™ is an extra clear low-iron glass. Through a vacuum magnetron sputtering process, multiple nanometre thin layers of carefully selected metal and mineral oxides are applied onto the surface. The different refractive indices of these layers eliminates surface reflections. The result is residual surface reflections of less than 1% making the glass virtually invisible and providing a clear, unobstructed view.

State-of-the-art coating technology enables us to reduce the residual reflections to an absolute minimum thus eliminating the undesired green or purple tint of traditional AR-coated glass. The top coating layer is index-matched to skin and moisture which significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints and light contaminations.

In addition, an extra smooth and hard top coating layer makes Glacier™ AR very scratch-resistant and durable. For more safety, Glacier™ AR can be thermally tempered (if the chosen solution is more than 4 mm thick) or laminated (Glacier™ SAFE).

Typically, applied sizes are from 32" and up to more than 100", making Glacier™ AR perfect for large format usage.

Glacier™ AR - anti reflective coated glass

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Key feature

Residual reflections are minimized with our Glacier AR solution.

Technical Data
Standard thicknesses: 3-6mm
Maximum dimensions: 3210 x 2250mm
Visual appearance: Transparent or slightly green tint
Light transmission: > 99%
Reflection: < 1 %
UV protection: 70% (>99 % for Glacier™ AR SAFE laminates)

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