Properties of GlacierTM Sun Stop

Glacier™ Sun Stop is a laminated front glass solution in which a high performance near infrared (NIR) reflecting interlayer film is integrated. As a result almost all solar heat is rejected, eliminating display overheating issues.

The solar heat rejection properties can be combined with other Glacier™ products such as Glacier™ AR without compromising the excellent optical properties of the anti-reflective coating. The level and colour of the residual reflection of visible light (VIS) remains unchanged.


Glacier™ Sun Stop laminates can be printed, thermally tempered, and mechanically processed to fit all design requirements.

Technical Data

  • NIR rejection up to 93 %
  • VIS transmission up to 78 %
  • Base materials: Glacier AR, Glacier Mat, Regular float glass
  • UV protection up to 99 %
  • Thicknesses from 4.81 mm (standard from 6.81 mm)
  • Minimum dimensions: 400 x 250 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 1590 x 3150 mm

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