Properties of GlacierTM Safe

Glacier™ SAFE is a strong range of laminated front glasses that offer a very impact resistant and shatter proof front glass for use in applications demanding safety and durability. The lamination process works by applying heat and pressure to a ‘sandwich’ consisting of two layers of glass. In between the glasses a PVB film melts and bonds the two glasses together. Additional interlayer's can be combined with the PVB film providing rejection of solar heat, colour or other desired features. The optical performance is on the same high level as single sheet front glasses.

The result of the lamination is a very impact resistant and shatterproof (keeping dangerous shards in place) display window for use in public places indoor and outdoor. Glacier™ SAFE is therefore mostly used as optical safety glass in vandal-proof applications. Typical applied Glacier SAFE sizes are from 32" and up to more than 100".


Glacier™ SAFE laminates can be printed, thermally tempered and mechanically processed to fit all design requirements.

Technical Data

  • Base materials: Glacier AR, Glacier Mat, Regular float glass
  • Interlayer films: IR films, coloured films
  • Thicknesses from 4.38 mm
  • UV protection up to 100%
  • Minimum dimensions: 400 x 250 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 1590 x 3150 mm

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