Solaris™ cast acrylic filters

Solaris™ - an optical grade cast acrylic material with outstanding optical and mechanical properties. 

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Near infrared filters and cover lens solutions

NIR cover lens and filter solutions for machine vision and sensors. 

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Cleartech™ - clear hard coated acrylic solution

A hard clear coated acrylic solution, providing sublime surface hardness. 

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Hardtech™ - clear hard coated extruded acrylic solution

Clear hard coated acrylic solution for maximum scratch resistance. Only available in 1 mm thickness. 

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Fine Hard Mat™ anti glare hard coated acrylic solution

An anti glare surface treatment for excellent non glare performance for Solaris™ clear acrylic.

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Anti reflective coated acrylic filter solutions

Optical filter solutions optimised with an AR coating.

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AR coated near IR cover lens solutions

Optical NIR filter solutions with an optimised AR coating.

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