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AR-coated filter solutions - for machine vision and sensors

We offer anti-reflection coated PMMA for maximum filter performance in the near-infrared range.

Our solution optimizes the performance of machine vision, sensors, and scanning devices with our market-leading AR-coated acrylic solution.

Anti-reflection coated solutions for machine vision, sensors and scanning applications

In contrast to displays, machine vision applications only benefit from specific wavelengths within the VIS range or longer wavelengths than those visible to the human eye.

For these applications, we have developed a range of unique anti-reflective surface treatments called 'Optimized AR Coatings.'


The Near-infrared (NIR) anti-reflection coating is optimized for applications operating in the near-infrared area.

This AR coating is often applied to our Solaris™ IR 306 filter. This means that the filter's transmission is improved to over 99% in the NIR range. The range of applications that use this solution includes, but is not limited to:

  • Automatic license plate registration
  • Traffic cameras
  • Facial recognition
  • Iris scanners
  • TOF devices
  • and much more.

These devices all benefit from this AR coating with faster and more precise detection, maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio during operation.

Red AR

Here at PSC, we offer Red AR, an anti-reflective coating specially designed for barcode readers and the like operating at or around 670nm.

This coating is applied to one of our red color filter materials, such as Solaris S706. This means that the filter's transmission is improved to almost 100% in the relevant range, eliminating basically all signal degradations caused by surface reflections.

1550 AR

1550 AR coating applied on our acrylic cover glass provides a filter transmission up to 98% in the 1550 nm range combined with only 0.5 % reflectance (double-sided measurement).

The top coat is hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant, and the acrylic base material makes the filter lightweight and much more impact resistant than glass.

These properties make the 1550 AR the perfect filter for protecting sensitive optics and lenses in 1550 nm LIDAR applications.

Our 1550 AR coating is well-suited for applications such as ‘eye-safe’ rangefinders using 1550 nm lasers and other LIDAR-derived products for robotics, archaeology, geology, military, or surveying purposes.


The VIS & NIR anti-reflective coating has been developed to match applications where Full VIS and high NIR performance is critical, i.e., RGB, RCCB, RCCG, etc. camera systems, working alone or in combination with near-infrared LIDAR or TOF devices, providing range detection, contour scanning or focus setting of the camera system.

The top coat is hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant, and the acrylic base material makes the filter lightweight and much more impact-resistant than glass.

This AR coating is the perfect filter for protecting sensitive optics and lenses. Some use cases could be applications such as high-performance barcode scanners, dimensional measurement devices, and machine vision systems.

Partial VIS & NIR AR

This anti-reflective coating has been developed to perfectly match applications where balanced VIS combined with Extreme NIR performance is critical.

Our partial VIS & NIR coating matches our VIS & NIR AR coating solution in terms of top-coating, which means that it is also hydrophobic and abrasion-resistant. Similarly, it is also lightweight and more impact-resistant than glass.

However, the extreme NIR performance of this solution allows for perfect signal quality and signal-to-noise ratio for camera systems optimized for low-light application environments. Compared to our VIS & NIR AR coating, optimal performance in the 850-950nm has been prioritized over deep blue performance.

Key feature

Transmission is increased to almost 100% in the NIR range with an anti-reflection coated NIR filter.

Key feature

Excellent compatibility and robustness to heavy cleaning and extensive use of cleaning agents and anti-bacterial and anti-viral disinfectants.

Key feature

Detection performance is optimized by choosing one of our many anti-reflection coating solutions to match your application's specific needs.

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