AR coated solutions for displays

In some applications, such as medical equipment and navigation computers, display readability is extremely important. The spectral properties of anti reflective coatings for display applications are optimised for the wavelengths visible to the human eye. Displays in these applications must be easy to read from all angles and under all possible ambient light conditions.

PSC Anti reflective coating

Anti reflective coatings are made by applying series of very thin layers of metal and mineral oxides on top of each other in a vacuum deposition process. By careful design of these layers, light reaching the surface will not be reflected but transmitted through the material, resulting in a dramatic improvement of clarity and light transmittance, and almost complete elimination of unwanted reflections.

The AR coating provides you with the best reproduction of the original colours, and combined with Anti Finger Print (AFP) top coating, the AR coating is close to optical perfection. Moreover, it offers exceptional abrasion and wear resistance, and it makes it easy to clean and to remove any dirt or smudge deposited when used in challenging environments.

Marine AR

The Marine AR is a further advanced anti reflective coating specially developed for the harsh environment which is found in marine applications and offshore environments. The Marine AR coating reduces light reflections to an absolute minimum and has an exceptional UV and saltwater resistance. Typical applications are radars, fish finders, navigation and communication systems exposed to saltwater and sunlight. The Marine AR is also widely used in hospital environments because of its great resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents used in this environment.

Wet AR

The WET AR anti reflective coating is a cost effective alternative to the exclusive vacuum deposited anti reflection solution. WET AR has a precise colour reproduction and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it has excellent chemical and wear and abrasion resistance. It is a highly recommendable choice for a wide range of applications e.g. large window applications such as information displays, and applications in public environments where irregular and rough cleaning is standard.

AR coated solutions for machine vision, sensing and scanning applications

In contrast to displays/human eye solutions, machine vision applications only benefit from specific wavelengths within the VIS range (red), or longer wavelengths than those of visible light (NIR). For these applications, PSC has developed a range of unique and very effective Anti Reflective surface treatments called Optimised AR Coatings. The Optimised AR is applied to our acrylic sheet material.

Near infrared AR coated acrylic (NIR AR)

The NIR AR is an AR coating optimised for applications operating in the near infrared area. Most often, the NIR AR is applied to our Solaris™ IR 306 filter. This means that the filter's transmission is improved to almost 100 % in the NIR range. A wide range of applications, such as ANPR/traffic cameras, facial recognition and iris scanners, NIR TOF devices, etc. utilize our high performance NIR AR solution for faster and more precise detections, maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio in the signal detection.

Red AR

PSC offers Red AR, an anti reflective coating especially designed for barcode readers and the like operating at or around 670nm. An Optimised AR Coating is applied to one of our red colour filter materials (i.e. Solaris S706). This means that the filter's transmission is improved to almost 100 % in the red range, eliminating almost all signal degradations caused by surface reflections.

Anti reflective coated acrylic for the 1550 spectrum (1550 AR)

The 1550 AR coating applied on Solaris acrylic provides a filter transmission up to 98 % in the 1550 nm range combined with only 0.5 % reflectance (double-sided measurement). The topcoat is Hydrophobic and abrasion resistant, and the acrylic base material makes the filter lightweight and much more impact resistant than glass. These properties make the 1550 AR the perfect filter for protection of the sensitive optics and lenses in 1550 nm LIDAR applications. The 1550 AR is for applications such as ‘eye-safe’ rangefinders using 1550 nm lasers and other LIDAR derived products for robotics, archaeology, geology, military or surveying purposes.

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