NIR transparent PMMA / cast acrylic cover glass - high transmittance

Cast acrylic NIR filters

Solaris™ IR S306 is our optical grade cast acrylic near infrared filter. The NIR material is sublime for machine vision applications such as NIR sensors, ANPR camera systems, LIDAR applications and many others due to the high light transmission in the IR area.

Solaris™ IR S306 NIR pass filter

SolarisTM IR S306 is a highly transparent, near infrared filter (NIR), which by design blocks the entire visible spectrum and ultraviolet light. Hence, the NIR filter is most suitable for applications utilizing near infrared light, i.e. machine vision applications, TOF devices, LIDAR  applications, iris scanners, facial recognition systems, etc.

Appearing perfectly black to the human eye,  the use of SolarisTM IR S306 efficiently eliminates any possibility to identify electronics or optical components inside the device. And, for NIR sensors also capable of detecting (partial) VIS light, IR S306 works as a very efficient band pass filter allowing ONLY NIR light to reach the sensors.

SolarisTM IR 306 can be processed and customized according to application specific demands.

As a NIR transparent plastic, acrylic is the most suitable material for the transmission of light in the near infrared region, efficiently blocking all other wavelengths than the NIR wavelength range from 800 to approximately 2000 nm. The near infrared filter absorbs the entire visible spectrum and ultraviolet light and delivers maximum transmittance in the NIR range.

Customisation of IR filters

By applying a surface coating optimised for filters working in the near infrared area, the performance of the filter can be greatly improved.

High performance optimized anti reflection coatings working in and beyond the VIS range can be applied to Solaris™ IR 306. We have developed several optimised anti reflection coatings that operate in different spectrums within the VIS/NIR range.

Being a solutions partner, we supply optical cover glass solutions that are processed and coated according to application and customer requirements.

PSC Easy-Pick™ and Easy-Mount™ are special features that PSC has developed to ease customer mounting of the optical filters.

Key feature

PSC's IR filters are used in remote control units, security systems, sensors, barcode readers, eye recognition scanners, number plate recognition systems (ANPR/ALPR), IR cameras and other areas where there is a need to exclude visible light.

Technical Data
92 % light transmittance
Standard thickness from 0.5 to 4.0 mm.
Tolerances down to +/- 0.1 mm.
UV block up to 400 nm.

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