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Cleartech™ - Clear hard-coated PMMA

Cleartech™ is our durable, hard-coated clear acrylic solution. It's a great choice if you're looking for a durable and transparent acrylic cover glass with surface treatment on both sides.

Clear, hard-coated PMMA

Cleartech™ is a high-performance optical grade hard-coated cast acrylic. It is applied to the front and rear sides of the display window during the coating process. By protecting both sides of the acrylic material, the risk of damage during mounting and assembly processes is significantly reduced. The benefits of Cleartech™ are, of course, fewer rejects and lower quality costs.

The surface hardness (measured in pencil hardness) is among the best ever seen on plastics (6-8 H). Because of its durability, Cleartech™ is perfect for displays used under challenging conditions daily. Portable and handheld applications used in rough environments can also benefit from its scratch resistance and high optical performance.

The flawless optical quality makes it an ideal choice for applications with high-resolution LCD color displays and information displays. Low finger-drag resistance and ease of cleaning are inherited properties of our Cleartech™ products.

The Cleartech™ surface can be silk screen printed using the same process and technique as for printing on glass surfaces. Furthermore, PSC has developed Easy-Pick™ and Easy-Mount™ - solutions to ease the mounting of the optical filters.

Cleartech™ Touch

Cleartech™ Touch is based on our outstanding Cleartech™ solution and is a cover glass solution for projected capacitive touch applications that require extreme scratch and chemical resistance combined with excellent optical clarity.

The hardness and optical quality of the clear hard coated front side are among the best ever seen on plastics which, combined with the almost invisible micro-structured anti-Newton rear side surface treatment, defines the unique properties of Cleartech™ Touch.

Furthermore, the extreme hardness and chemical resistance ensure that cleaning and removal of fingerprints are hassle-free and completely harmless to the device and cover glass.

Key feature

The perfect choice for high-resolution LCD color displays. Unsurpassed optical properties combined with low finger-drag resistance.

Key feature

Cleartech™ is a transparent double-sided hard-coated acrylic material with superior optical quality. The surface hardness is among the best ever seen on plastics.

Key feature

Excellent compatibility and robustness to heavy cleaning and extensive use of cleaning agents and anti-bacterial and anti-viral disinfectants.

Technical Data
Pencil hardness: 6-8 H
Base material: PMMA
Light transmittance: >92%
Standard thicknesses: 1-5mm
Other thicknesses available on request

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