Cast acrylic cover glass solutions

Being a range of clear acrylic and coloured acrylic, outstanding optical and mechanical properties are inherited features. Our optical grade acrylic forms the ideal base material for optical cover glass solutions where optical performance, high light transmission, low weight, thickness uniformity, and easy mechanical processing are of the essence.

Solaris™ acrylic glass is optimal for custom cut acrylic filter solutions where product quality and product design are customer requirements. All Solaris™ S grades are fully resistant to even the harshest outdoor UV-exposure scenarios. 

In some industries, cast acrylics are also known as plexiglass or cast PMMA. 

Designing with acrylic glass

Solaris™ S optical pass filters are used to control or manipulate visible and near-infrared light. This may be visible light emitted from a display or used by a camera system, and near infrared light utilized by devices working in this range. The acrylic filters are used in a wide range of applications, for example as LED display filters or lens filters protecting expensive or sensitive optics in NIR/LIDAR applications, etc.

An important distinction is made between broad-band and selective filters. Broad-band filters are basically gray-shaded filters which allow the transmittance of all light (colours). These are often used in applications where contrast enhancement or an elegant black panel effect is required, still maintaining the full colour spectrum. Selective filters, also known as colour filters, are designed to only transmit or block specific wavelengths of light, i.e. specific colours. 

Solaris™ IR S306 NIR pass filter

SolarisTM IR S306 is a highly transparent, near infrared filter (NIR), which by design blocks the entire visible spectrum and ultraviolet light. Hence, the NIR filter is most suitable for applications utilizing near infrared light, i.e. machine vision applications, TOF devices, LIDAR  applications, iris scanners, facial recognition systems, etc.

Appearing perfectly black to the human eye,  the use of SolarisTM IR S306 efficiently eliminates any possibility to identify electronics or optical components inside the device. And, for NIR sensors also capable of detecting (partial) VIS light, IR S306 works as a very efficient band pass filter allowing ONLY NIR light to reach the sensors.

SolarisTM IR 306 can be processed and customized according to application specific demands. 

As a NIR transparent plastic, acrylic is the most suitable material for the transmission of light in the near infrared region, efficiently blocking all other wavelengths than the NIR wavelength range from 800 to approximately 2000 nm. The near infrared filter absorbs the entire visible spectrum and ultraviolet light and delivers maximum transmittance in NIR range. 

Solaris™ filter VFD

PSC has developed and selected more than 20 different colours for Vacuum Fluorescent Displays (VFDs) and offers an extensive range of Colour Matching services. 

The most popular SolarisTM VFD colour filters produce customized shades of white from green (505 nm) VF-Displays. 

Customisation and acrylic processing

The performance of any Solaris™ display cover glass can be greatly improved or optimized by applying the right surface treatment. 

Features such as scratch, abrasion and wear resistance (fx. HC Clear), anti glare (or non glare) (fx. Fine Mat™ and Hard Mat™), chemical resistance, anti-fingerprint etc. can all be applied to the Solaris™ range. 

Additionally, high performance optimized anti reflective coatings working beyond the VIS range can be applied to Solaris™ IR 306 (NIR AR). 

Being a solutions partner, we supply optical front panel glass that is processed and coated according to application and customer requirements. 

PSC offers an extensive range of Colour Matching services. Using proprietary computer based C&L® simulation software, PSC can calculate and create coloured filters and Colour Conversion Filters meeting almost any customer specified colour or chromacity target.

PSC Easy-Pick™ and Easy-Mount™ are special features that PSC has developed to ease customer mounting of the optical filters. 

Key features

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