Polycarbonate for special display demands 

Properties of polycarbonate

Polycarbonate has a balance of useful properties including:

  • Temperature resistance
  • Impact resistance (vandal-proof)
  • Good optical quality
  • Fire resistance

Polycarbonate is a material with excellent mechanical and optical properties. It is the obvious choice for your display window solution when impact resistance is of high importance e.g. for displays in tough environments exposed to vandalism. 

Polycarbonate from PSC

Polycarbonate solutions is one of PSC's expertise areas. We have great knowledge, good partnerships and a very flexible supply chain. We have a long range of in-house polycarbonate processing capabilities and production services. We can process and supply the polycarbonate display windows tailored to the needs of our customers.

The polycarbonate PSC supply is of optical quality and can be combined with several of our surface treatments.

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