'Optical' polycarbonate in specified colours and thicknesses

Polycarbonate - Clear & Coloured

Polycarbonate means durability and safety of your electronic display due to its high shock- and impact resistance and good flammability properties. Therefore, it has some excellent material properties for display windows. 

Polycarbonate in clear and standard tints

PSC processes polycarbonate display windows from clear and standard colour grades. We have most thicknesses and grades in our standard product program.

Polycarbonate in PSC colours

Normally, polycarbonate is only available in a limited range of clear and standard tints (solar bronze). PSC has developed several unique colours for solutions, where more sophisticated design features are needed.
Utilising our unique colour filter technology we can supply polycarbonate in customised colours optimised for LED-signage. Thereby features such as contrast enhancement and customer specific colour designs can be added to the display application. We also offer a colour match service, where we can create polycarbonate with the exact colour as already existing product materials.


The material is easily machined, cut and formed. EMI-shielding, silkscreen printing and coatings are successfully combined with polycarbonate.

Surface features

Although polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable it is a relatively soft material compared to PMMA and glass. Therefore, one of our hard coatings, either Mat or Clear, is often applied to the polycarbonate window to improve scratch resistance. Click here to read more about our surface treatments.


Technical Data

  • Light transmission: >85 % (clear)
  • Colours: Clear and custom tinted
  • Standard thicknesses: from 0.5 mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 2050 x 3300 mm

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