Properties of Polycarbonate – Fire and Toxicity rated

The properties of polycarbonate make the material suitable for use in displays, information boards and Passenger Information Systems (PIS) which are extensively used in mass transportation vehicles (i.e. busses, trains & trams),  bus- and train stations, and airports etc. 

Display applications placed in public transport environments often meet strict fire and smoke toxicity requirements. Therefore PSC supply polycarbonate that does not contribute significantly to the spread of fire or to the generation of toxic gasses. PSC supply polycarbonate which meet the strictest flammability and smoke toxicity requirements, e.g. UL 94, DIN 5510-2 : 2009, NF-F16-101.

Processing and Surface Features

The polycarbonate can be processed into customized size and shape, and combined with various surface features, such as non-glare or scratch resistance.

Technical Data

  • Light transmission: >85 % (clear)
  • Colours: Clear and custom tinted
  • Standard thicknesses: (3) 4 mm
  • Fire behaviour properties: E.g. DIN 5510-2: S4, SR2, ST2
  • Smoke toxicity: E.g. DIN 5510-1:2009 FED <1, NF-F16-101: F2
  • Maximum dimensions: 2050 x 3300 mm


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