Polycarbonate cover glass for optical use. Impact resistant and light weight.

Polycarbonate cover glass

Impact and vandal resistant coloured and clear polycarbonate solutions.

Polycarbonate - light weight and impact resistant

Polycarbonate means durability and safety of your electronic display due to its high shock- and impact resistance and good flammability properties. PSC has a wide range of clear and custom coloured polycarbonate readily available for processing into application specific solutions. Within this range, we offer various combinations of colour and fire ratings for high demand applications matching the exact requirements of the customer. Additionally, customer specific colour design requirements can be fulfilled.

The material is easily machined, cut and formed. EMI-shielding, silkscreen printing and coating are successfully combined with polycarbonate. PSC supply all the mentioned processes.

Fire and toxicity rated polycarbonate

The properties of polycarbonate make the material suitable for use in displays, information boards and Passenger Information Systems (PIS) which are extensively used in mass transportation vehicles (i.e. busses, trains & trams), bus- and train stations, and airports etc.

Display applications placed in public transport environments often meet strict fire and smoke toxicity requirements. That is why PSC supply polycarbonate that does not contribute significantly to the spread of fire or to the generation of toxic gasses. PSC fire resistance polycarbonate can meet the strictest flammability and smoke toxicity requirements, e.g. EN 45 545, UL94 v0, DIN 5510-2 : 2009, NF-F16-101.

Surface features and processing

Although polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable it is a relatively soft material compared to PMMA and glass. Typically, a surface treatment is applied, such as Fine MatHard Mat or HC clear, to provide the polycarbonate cover glass solution with the necessary and application specific surface features. This may be features such as anti glare or scratch resistance from a hard coating for polycarbonate. The polycarbonate sheet can be processed into customized size and shape.

Key feature

Durability and safety are some of the keywords of Polycarbonate and the reasons why polycarbonate are used in a variety of displays

Key feature

Polycarbonate is the preferred choice when durability and requirements such as fire and toxicity resistance are important.

Technical Data
Light transmission: >85 % (clear)
Colours: Clear and custom tinted
Standard thicknesses: from 1 mm
Maximum dimensions: 2050 x 3300 mm

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