Glacier™ AR

Excellent multi layer anti-reflective (AR) cover glass.

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Glacier™ Fine Mat

Micro-etched fine mat display glass specially optimised for small displays.

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Glacier™ Mat

Micro-etched mat (non-glare) display glass.

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GlacierTM Fine Mat

Designed to minimise the disturbance of surface reflections and specially optimised for relatively small displays with medium-high pixel density.

Properties of GlacierTM Fine Mat

Glacier™ Fine Mat is a micro-etched display glass designed to minimize the visual disturbance of almost all surface reflections. The micro-etching technology etches a slightly rugged non-sparkling surface into the glass, which efficiently scatters the reflections. This eliminates almost all irritating reflections that disturb the eyes of the viewers, which significantly improve the readability of the display.

Performance and application

Glacier™ Fine Mat is particularly suited for applications, where there is a need for a certain level of reflection control, but not as demanding as for choosing Glacier™ AR. It performs exceptionally well in a variety of touch applications where the visibility of fingerprints is an issue and for relatively small displays with medium-high pixel density.

Technical Data

  • Gloss* 20° / 60° / 85° - 42 / 82 / 95 (*Measured with BYK Gardnes micro-TRI-Gloss)
  • Base materials: float glass
  • UV protection up to 99 %
  • Standard thicknesses 3-4 mm
  • Minimum dimensions: 185 x 120 mm (320 mm for diagonal tempering)
  • Maximum dimensions: 3210 x 1600 mm

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