Properties of GlacierTM Mat

GlacierTM Mat is similar to GlacierTM Fine Mat in properties. Just as the GlacierTM Fine Mat, GlacierTM Mat is a micro-etched display glass. But where GlacierTM Fine Mat is optimised for relatively small displays with medium-high pixel density, the GlacierTM Mat is optimised for relatively large displays with a low-medium pixel density. The micro-etching effect is a slightly rugged non-sparkling surface. This efficiently scatters reflections providing a surface with improved readability. 


Glacier™ Mat can be printed, thermally tempered, laminated, and mechanically processed to fit all design requirements.

Technical Data

  • Gloss* 20° / 60° / 85° - 20 / 50 / 88 (*Measured with BYK Gardnes micro-TRI-Gloss)
  • Base materials: float glass
  • UV protection up to 99 %
  • Standard thicknesses 3-4 mm
  • Minimum dimensions: 185 x 120 mm (320 mm for diagonal tempering)
  • Maximum dimensions: 3210 x 1600 mm

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