Anti-Reflection (AR)

The AR (anti-reflective) coating works by applying series of very thin layers of metal and mineral oxides in a vacuum deposition process. By careful design of these layers, light hitting the surface will not be reflected but transmitted through the material, resulting in an improvement of clarity and light transmissions, and total reduction of unwanted reflections.

The AR surface treatment is a high quality coating offering the very best optical characteristics due to an advanced vacuum deposition process. 

The AR coating provides you with the best reproduction of the original colours, and combined with Anti Finger Print (AFP) top coating, the AR coating is close to optical perfection. Moreover, it offers exceptional abrasion, impact and smudge resistance.

Wet AR

The WET AR surface treatment is a cost effective alternative to the exclusive vacuum deposited AR. The performance of WET AR regarding light transmission and reflectance is good, is has a precise colour reproduction and is easy to clean. Furthermore, it has great chemical and abrasion resistance. It is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications e.g. large window applications like information displays.

Marine AR

The Marine AR is an advanced AR coating specially developed for the harsh environment which is found on ships and offshore environments. The Marine AR coating reduces light reflections to an absolute minimum and has an exceptional UV and saltwater resistance. Typical applications are radars, fish finders, navigation and communication systems exposed to saltwater and sunlight. The Marine AR is also widely used in hospital environments due to its great resistance to disinfectants and cleaning agents.

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