Premium anti reflective coating

Anti-Reflective (AR) Coating for Glass

For outdoor, touch, high resolution and other applications where glass has been chosen as base material, PSC supplies a premium anti-reflection coating providing a clear and unobstructed view.

The multi-layer coating is manufactured using magnetron sputtering process in vacuum, thus guaranteeing unparalleled uniformity, durability and quality of the product.

The premium anti-reflective display glass offers several unique benefits:

Virtually invisible

The double sided AR coating reduces surface reflections to less than 1% making the glass virtually invisible. 

Most colour neutral

State-of-the-art coating technology enables us to reduce the residual reflections to an absolute minimum thus eliminating undesired "greenish" or purple "look" of traditional AR coated windows. 

Very scratch resistant

The smoothness and hardness of the top coating layer makes the AR coating very scratch resistant. 

Low visibility of fingerprints

The top coating layer is index matched to body fat and moisture which significantly reduces the visibility of fingerprints. Furthermore, the AR coating is very easy to clean. 

Integrated UV protection

UV protection can be integrated directly into the AR coating thereby protecting your display from harmful ultraviolet light. 

Resistance to harsh environments

Due to the AR coatings extreme resistance in harsh environments it is widely used in i.e. marine and medical display applications.


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