Non-glare (or anti glare) surface treatments for excellent reflection control.

Non-glare Surface Treatment for Glass

PSC's non glare surface is created by a chemical treatment, which etches a micro-structure into the surface of the glass. The micro-etched structure efficiently scatters the reflections, which eliminates almost all disturbing reflections. This improves the readability of the display significantly.

PSC's non-glare grades for glass are Fine Mat and Mat: 

Glacier™ Fine Mat

Glacier™ Fine Mat is optimised for relatively small displays with medium-high pixel density (e.g. wide-format 19-27” HD monitors).
Read more about Glacier™ Fine Mat here.

Glacier™ Mat

Glacier™ Mat is optimised for relatively large displays (≥ 32”) with a medium-low pixel density.
Read more about Glacier™ Mat here.


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