Intern at PSC A/S will help improve PPAP quality system

PSC A/S is investing in the future

Nicolai T. Hansen has been employed at PSC A/S in an internship in connection with his education, and he will be assisting in the implementation of a new PPAP quality system.

Transforming PSC PPAP quality system

We have employed Nicolai Træholt Hansen in an internship period of a semester where he will be looking into our existing production processes in preparation for a new and improved PPAP quality system.

Nicolai is currently on his 5th semester in Export and Technology management at UCN. In the education, the students learn about sales and export, technological products and quality management. It is in connection with these areas of knowledge that Nicolai has chosen to try forces with quality management and technology at PSC A/S.

Nicolai is looking forward to translating theory into practice and gaining relevant work experience within the field. His hope is to help PSC A/S implement a system that gains from his theoretical knowledge about production processes.

At PSC A/S we look forward to the improvements that Nicolai can contribute with and to help him succeed in his goals.