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The customized PMMA solution with VIS_NIR anti-reflective coating ensures maximum performance for Cognex's specific application.
Light Sensing and Scanning

About Cognex

Being the world’s leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation, places demands on everything from product performance to quality.

For Cognex, this means developing high-quality systems and parts.


Finding the right display cover glass for each application requires know-how and expertise.

We started our partnership with Cognex to supply them with the technical know-how to maximize the performance of their various light sensing & scanning units, to support their implementation.



We supply Cognex with a customized acrylic cover glass solution with a VIS_NIR AR anti-reflection coating.

The VIS_NIR anti-reflective coating has been developed to perfectly match applications where Full VIS and high NIR performance is critical. The VIS_NIR AR solution is sheet-to-part, enabling complete design freedom for Cognex.

This PMMA filter minimizes unwanted reflections and glare, which means that the sensor's performance is optimized.

PSC was able to meet all the requirements and lead times that Cognex had and supported them with a to Cognex very satisfactory consulting service during the development phase.


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