Black panel display ensures Crem coffee machines a luxurious look.

Crem International

In the overall coffee experience, coffee machine design plays a role. Especially in cafes and restaurants. Even the display cover glass has specific design specifications to uphold.
Crem International

Design as part of the experience

Even though brewing coffee is all about the taste experience, the design of the coffee machine plays a role. Passionate about creating the perfect coffee experience, Crem International knows this and is a market leader in producing professional coffee machines that combine luxurious taste with design.


Professional coffee machines from Crem International are used in coffee shops, cafes and restaurants all over the world. Maintaining the market leader position requires that the requirements for both design and taste experience are met. PSC helps to keep the aesthetic design requirements through an elegant display cover glass.

To Crem International, PSC supplied an acrylic, smoke coloured cover glass with silk screen print in black and translucent white.

Customer benefits

With a smoke coloured cover glass, Crem International can achieve the elegant black panel effect, also known as dead front. The effect makes the display appear black when the coffee machine is off.

Acrylic also has excellent optical properties, which makes the information on the display clear and highly readable.

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