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di-soric GmbH

Through a long-term partnership, we supply di-soric with various cover glass solutions for their projects.
NIR sensors

About di-soric

di-soric GmbH & Co. KG are experts in industrial automation solutions. They develop, manufacture, and sell a broad spectrum of sensors, high-performance image processing components, high-quality LEDs, signal lighting, and security technology products.


Being a high-quality manufacturer, di-soric needed a partner who's experts in cover glass solutions for their optical sensors.


We supply several different cover glass solutions to di-soric, including clear, red, and black cover glass solutions. Some of these cover glass solutions include high-performance anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint treatments, depending on the application.

The filters are all optimized for the specific device it is mounted on to maximize the performance of the diode behind the cover glass. We optimize the cover glass solutions to transmit as much light in the relevant wavelengths as possible while blocking out unwanted light to minimize noise for the sensor.

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