di-soric selects optimised cover glass for high performance optical sensors

di-soric GmbH

di-soric is always looking to optimise and perfect their value proposition to their customers through innovative solutions for industrial automation. At PSC, they found the right cover glass.
NIR sensors

Optimised performance for optical sensors

For di-soric GmbH & Co. KG, working with industrial automation solutions means developing, manufacturing and selling a broad spectrum of innovative sensors, high-performance image processing components, high-quality LED machines and signal lighting, as well as products from the area of security technology. With a brand promise of “Solutions. Clever. Practical.”, di-soric GmbH aspires to develop the optimal product for their customers’ individual requirements.

In order to meet and match internal as well as external quality requirements, di-soric came to PSC A/S for cover glass solutions for optimised performance for their optical sensors.


PSC A/S supplies several different cover glass solutions to di-soric. The solutions range from a clear cover glass to a red solution and to a near infrared black solution. One of the red cover glass solutions is a high performance anti reflection and anti-fingerprint optimised solution.

Customer benefits

The cover glass from PSC keeps dirt from the photo diode. The coloured cover glass solutions are light transparent in the applied photo diode wavelength areas and block other wavelengths that will affect the photo diodes and hence the optical sensor negatively.

In addition, the high performance AR/AFP solution ensures extra high transmission in the red area. At the same time, it is anti-fingerprint coated which means that dirt and fingerprints are easily removed.

With the cover glass solutions from PSC, all di-sorics requirements were met.

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