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Luminator Technology Group

Connecting transit passengers to vital information is what Luminator Technology Group does. And they do it so well that they are a leading supplier within passenger communication systems..
Luminator Technology Group
Passenger Information: LED

Clear, and reflection free, destination displays

As a leading supplier of passenger communication systems, aspects such as intelligence, safety and efficiency are key elements in successfully connecting transit passengers to information that is necessary for their travel. These are the three elements that Luminator Technology Group measures their products to, and the destination displays on busses are no exception.

Bus travellers must be able to clearly see the destination display on the bus to travel efficiently, and that makes readability a requirement. Light weight and ease of handling was also a requirement from Luminator Technologies Group.


In order to achieve the best readability combined with material flexibility, Luminator Technology Group has invested in a tinted polycarbonate display cover glass solution. The polycarbonate solution has been anti glare coated with Fine MatTM.

Customer benefits

Polycarbonate is a light weight solution compared to glass which makes it easy to handle when mounting. At the same time, it can arch which again eases mounting into a steel profile. Small thicknesses of down to 0.5mm in the polycarbonate glass are also a factor. These considerations made polycarbonate the right choice in base material for a cover glass solution for Luminator Technology Group. Also, the low weight makes the solution environmentally friendly as it reduces the CO2.

The cover glass solution has been anti glare coated in order to gain reflection control and hence maximise readability.

A further requirement was a tinted polycarbonate solution. The polycarbonate has been tinted gray to give the characteristic output. This is to achieve the best possible contrast for the displays which use dot-LEDs instead of the old flip-dot technology, and the LEDs have to be colour corrected in order to provide the right output colour.

Luminator Technology Group was looking for a supplier that could meet all their requirements together with the processing of the cover glass, and they found that at PSC A/S.

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