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Luminator Technology Group

We supplied Luminator with the right cover glass solution for their specific application to maximize readability while adhering to the company's requirements for the device's design.
Luminator Technology Group
Passenger Information (LED)

About Luminator Technology Group

Luminator Technology Group is a leading supplier of passenger communication systems.

The company's aim is to safely and efficiently deliver information necessary for transferring passengers in public transportation.


Bus passengers must be able to clearly see the destination display on the bus to travel, which makes readability a requirement for Luminator Technology Group's devices.

The company also wanted their solution to be lightweight and easy to handle.

In order to achieve the best readability combined with material flexibility, Luminator Technology Group has invested in a tinted polycarbonate display cover glass solution. The polycarbonate solution has been anti glare coated with Fine MatTM.


Luminator Technology Group chose a tinted polycarbonate display cover glass to achieve the best readability and handling during assembly. The solution was coated with our anti-glare coating, Fine Mat™. This coating resulted in great reflection control, maximizing readability in different lighting conditions.

Furthermore, Luminator Technology Group also had design-wise requirements for the cover glass. To adhere to these requirements, we tinted the polycarbonate solution grey to achieve the best possible contrast while ensuring the correct color output of the display.

Lastly, Luminator Technology Group chose our polycarbonate solution because it is a lighter and more flexible material than glass, making it easier to handle when mounting.


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