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When attempting to achieve perfection, only the best will do. Profoto AB has the fastest flash generator, and this is only achieved through high quality in every part.
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A dedication to light

Light is the indispensable heart of all image creation. This is why Profoto AB is dedicated to light shaping excellence. As a result of this dedication, Profoto AB has become a world leader within its field. From amateur to professional image creators - the ability to create amazing and razor sharp images is a shared desire. And it requires the right equipment.

Passionate about innovating lightshaping tools, Profoto is behind several innovations, such as the Profoto Pro-11. Characteristic to the flash generator is speed, design and high quality.


For the Profoto Pro-11, PSC A/S has provided the cover lens. Profoto has several requirements to the cover glass to ensure that it is in compliance with regulation, product design requirements and performance requirements.

The cover glass solution for the Pro-11 flash is a custom smoke coloured polycarbonate glass. The polycarbonate has been silk screen printed black. The cover glass has been coated with a Hard MatTM surface treatment, and it has an adhesive to ease mounting.

Customer benefits

Most often, PMMA panels are used in similar applications. This is due to the excellent optical properties of acrylic. However, in this case Profoto has regulatory requirements that the cover glass has to live up to as well as application considerations, which is why polycarbonate was chosen as the preferred material. Polycarbonate has almost as excellent optical properties as acrylic, but it also has an impact resistance that PMMA does not have.

At the same time, polycarbonate is a soft material that is sensitive to scratches. This sensitivity is eliminated by applying a hard coating to the material.

The smoke coloured polycarbonate imparts a black panel effect onto the product when the flash generator is off. This is a design requirement from Profoto.

In addition to the material properties, PSC was also chosen because of its ability to supply small volumes. Furthermore, PSC has all coating, machining and printing capabilities inhouse which, for Profoto, is a great advantage in case of any quality issues.

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