Case: Saab | PSC


In the defense and civil security industry, EMI shielding and high optical performance is very important.

About Saab

Saab is a global supplier of military defense and civil security solutions. They see safety as a human right and aim to keep people and societies safe.


Due to the sensitive information displayed on the vehicle displays on the battlefield, Saab needed an EMI solution with high shielding performance.

In addition, high optical performance is a requirement for easy readability in any situation.



PSC supplies several Saab products, the latest being for one of their vehicle displays.

The solution developed for this project was based on our Combi-Shield™, which can be combined with touch screens and existing displays since its mesh is not embedded in the display window but attached to an aluminum frame.

The shielding and optical performance of the Combi-Shield™ is similar (or better) than cast-in mesh solutions.

Our solution resulted in a high-quality EMC solution with high optical- and shielding performance and resistance to vibration, moisture, shock, and extreme temperatures.


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