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Glacier™ AR SAFE

Impact-resistant, AR-coated safety laminates for large format, high-demand digital signage and advertising applications with an extended range of processing possibilities.

Glacier™ AR SAFE - laminated AR-coated glass

Glacier™ AR SAFE is a range of laminated anti-reflection coated glass solutions that offer impact resistance and shatterproof protection for use in applications demanding safety and durability.

The lamination process works by applying heat and pressure to a ‘sandwich’ consisting of two layers of glass. In between the two layers, is a PVB film that melts and bonds the two glasses together. Additional interlayers can be combined with the PVB film to provide color, solar heat reflection, or other desired features. The optical performance is on the same high level as Glacier™ AR.

The result of the lamination is a very impact-resistant and shatterproof display window for use in public environments. This means that should the glass break, the spreading of shards is minimized with GlacierAR SAFE.

The solution, therefore, is mostly used as safety glass in vandal-proof applications.


Glacier™ SAFE laminates can be printed, thermally tempered and mechanically processed to fit all your design requirements.

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Key feature

AR-coated and laminated safety glass consists of two layers of glass, resulting in a very impact-resistant glass solution.

Key feature

Glacier™ AR SAFE is perfect for large format and high demand digital signage applications.

Technical Data
Base materials: Glacier AR, other materials upon request
Interlayer film options: clear, solar heat management, color
Thicknesses from 4.38 mm and up
UV protection up to 100%
Maximum dimensions: 1590 x 3150 mm

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