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Glacier™ AR Sun Stop

High performance, near infrared reflecting safety laminate for maximum protection.

Glacier™ AR Sun Stop

Glacier™ Sun Stop is an anti reflective laminated glass solution in which a high performance near infrared (NIR) reflecting interlayer film is integrated. As a result almost all solar heat is rejected, eliminating display overheating issues.

The solution is perfect for large format, outdoor digital signage and advertising applications placed in extreme solar radiation exposed positions.


Glacier™ Sun Stop laminates can be printed, thermally tempered, and mechanically processed to fit all design requirements.

Key feature

Glacier AR Sun Stop is an excellent glass cover for rejecting solar heat with its integrated NIR reflecting interlayer film.

Key feature

Glacier™ AR Sun Stop laminates rejects close to all solar heat due to the excellent properties of the laminate.

Technical Data
NIR rejection up to 93 %
VIS transmission up to 78 %
Base materials: Glacier AR, other materials upon request
UV protection up to 99 %
Thicknesses from 6.81 mm
Maximum dimensions: 1590 x 3150 mm

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