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Hardtech™ - Clear hard-coated extruded acrylic solution

Hardtech™ is our extremely durable extruded acrylic solution.

Need an acrylic solution where scratch- and chemical resistance are the most important requirements? Then Hardtech™ might be the right choice for your application.

Hardtech™ - industry-leading PMMA durability

For electronic displays requiring extreme scratch and chemical resistance combined with high transparency, we offer Hardtech™, which has a transparent and very durable surface treatment.

The surface hardness of Hardtech™ is among the best in the industry.

Due to Hardtech's extreme durability, it is perfect for displays regularly used under challenging conditions.

Manufacturing and processing versatility

Our Hardtech's rear-side hard coat is printable, and its scratch-resistant surface protects against the risk of damage during mounting and assembly processes.

PSC supplies finished display windows according to application-specific needs such as milling, silkscreen printing, and pre-assembly.

Lastly, Hardtech™ can be applied to both stationary and portable applications.

Key feature
Key feature

Excellent choice for applications where the device is regularly cleaned with harsh cleaning agents and anti-bacterial disinfectants.

Technical Data
Pencil hardness: ≥ 6 H
Base material: PMMA
Light transmittance: >91%
Standard thickness: 1 mm

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