Hardtech™ – clear hard coated extruded acrylic solution

Scratch and chemical resistant cover glass.

HardtechTM clear hard coated extruded PMMA

For electronic displays requiring extreme scratch and/or chemical resistance combined with high transparancy, PSC offers HardtechTM which has a clear and very hard surface treatment.

HardtechTM is a clear double-sided hard coated acrylic material. The surface hardness is among the best ever seen on plastics.

HardtechTM rear-side hardcoat is printable and its scratch resistant surface protects against the risk of damages during mounting and assembly processes.

The front-side Clear Hardcoat is dirt- & smudge repellent and very easy to clean. These properties, together with low finger drag resistance (low stiction and friction), optimized for touch applications, are inherited features of the HardtechTM technology.

Due to the durability of HardtechTM, it is perfect for displays used under challenging conditions on a daily basis. Often portable and handheld products used in rough environments can benefit from the scratch resistance.

Processing possiblities

PSC supplies finished display windows according to application specific needs such as milling, silkscreen printing and pre-assembly.

Key feature
Key feature
Technical Data
Pencil hardness: ≥ 6 H
Base material: PMMA
Light transmittance: >91 %
Standard thicknesses: 1 mm

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